Class Demo and QA Boot camp Open House

by Alina Gazarova on March 2, 2015

Do you have QA openings?

Come and interview our QA Boot camp graduates.

What is QA Boot camp?

QA Bootcamp trains highly motivated individuals in web and mobile application testing and test automation. We teach best practices in Java, JUnit, TestNg, Selenium WebDriver, Git, SQL, and Test-Driven Development. Our learning environment includes pair testing, project based discovery, and a relentless focus on teamwork. At the completion of the 6 week program, students will have spent  over 200 hours in a hands-on,  intensive learning environment , coding test scripts to real problems and working on real projects.

QA Demo (Demo Day + Networking)

At the end of the program, QA Bootcamp is conducting a QA Demo day. A select handful of companies will be invited to watch students present their group projects. Afterwards you will have an opportunity to meet with the “Boots”. Employers are encouraged to set up interviews with graduates. Our fee is 10% of the salary of any QA Bootcamp graduates hired through our employer network and events.

QA Bootcamp’s Demo takes place Thursday, March 27, 2014 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  Click Here to register. Please be on time. Snacks and refreshments will be served.

**PLEASE NOTE — This is not an open recruiting event. This event is for representatives from companies looking to hire QA Bootcamp grads only.**

After accepting our placement agreement each employer will be able to access an online profile for each graduate from our program. The profiles include their photo, a brief bio, their LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.

If this is your first time participating in one of our placement events we will contact you with additional information. If you have questions please email Fuad Mak directly at

Who are the students?

Each of the students at QA Boot camp was individually selected out of a pool of hundreds of applicants. Our students go through a rigorous application and screening process prior to acceptance into QA Boot camp, and were selected based on motivation, aptitude for learning how to test and interpersonal skills. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, including experience in corporate business, engineering, education, entrepreneurship, corporate business, law and other professional disciplines. There is also a small contingent of college students who have taken QA Bootcamp to enhance their career opportunities. QA Bootcamp students are a pool of top notch, dedicated, proven learners who have the requisite skills to make immediate contributions as junior-level developers.

Who are the staff?

The team at QA Bootcamp have extensive experience with software testing, test automation, teaching, and group facilitation. Many have tested software applications in both start up and corporate environments.

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